Steve Dotto

Grey Matters Episode 1

Join Steve to explore the amazing wealth of options we have through the world of Online Content Marketing. Online marketing is something I resisted being a part of when I was in transition from the world of traditional media to the online world. I saw “online marketers” as scam artists, and did not really understand […]

Google Basics Part 3 – Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one sophisticated tool! Taking the time to master it is one of the best investments you can make in  reducing stress and adding productivity to your lives! One key is to make sure you are using Google calendar across all your devices, and not mixing calendars,such as the ones that come preloaded […]

Grey Matters – Episode 0

Subscribe to Grey Matters, on iTunes What is Grey Matters about, and who is if for? We are glad you asked. Grey Matters is for those in the “Grey Zone” primarily Baby Boomers and GenX, who are looking to remain relevant in the digital age. We will talk about and teach online and content marketing, the […]


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