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Notion is an all-in-one workspace for organizing your life.

The Notion Made Simple course includes 8 modules, with beginner, intermediate and advanced phases.

We’ve also stuffed plenty of bonus lessons, activities and lessons in to help you fully grasp Notion.

Updated every month or two for the best and most useful Notion advice and onboarding.

This Course

This Course

module 1

The Basics of Notion (Free)

  • Creating your account in Notion
  • Understanding whether Notion is right for you
module 2

Navigating Notion

  • Understand all the basic blocks
  • Managing and crafting pages
  • Utilising web clipping and advanced blocks
module 3

Databases Explained!

  • How to use and create databases
  • Sorting, filtering and searching your databases
  • Adding database views and filters

module 4

Task Managing
in Notion

  • Create your weekly planner
  • Customise, optimise and manage your tasks
  • Craft dashboards for your task management

module 5

in Notion

  • Manage notes all within databases
  • Build rich-media notes with a range of multimedia
  • Importing and exporting from Evernote

module 6

Project Management
in Notion

  • Create a project base for you and your team
  • Collaborate together within pages or cards
  • Connecting to tools like Slack, Google Drive and more

module 7

Share your Notion

  • How to share and manage workspaces
  • Collaborate with others with reminders, tags and more
  • Utilise comments and discussions for your team

module 8

Your Notion

  • Crafting your knowledge base on Notion
  • Tracking everything that matters with Notion
  • How to achieve Notion mastery with other useful resources
Easy to use course that evolves over time to reflect the latest Notion upgrades and ways to use it
Easy to use course that evolves over time to reflect the latest Notion upgrades and ways to use it.
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This Notion course will designed for all.

We’ve got 8 modules, with 24 lessons and over 25+ bonus lessons with more added monthly.

Our goal is to get you equipped using Notion, whether that’s you using it to manage your house or you using it to manage your team.

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What People Say

"The Notion Made Simple course massively helped me master the phenomenal tool that is Notion, I still refer back to the course now when I’m not sure of how to do something! I highly recommend both using Notion and learning how to master it using this course!"
"Incredibly useful. Having a simple, easy to follow framework for how to add content into Notion and then build upon it made getting the most out of the app possible."
Sean Mulhern

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