Learn how to make online videos

If you are a course creator, a teacher, a coach, a blogger, a business owner or an entrepreneur, video will help you reach and captivate more people.

(Even if the tech terrifies you and you have no idea where to start!)

Is video really such a big deal?


  • 43% of consumers want businesses to make more videos (HubSpot)
  • Websites with video get 41% more traffic (The Aberdeen Group)
  • Video can double your conversion rate and increase the time users spend on your site by 105% (BrightCove, 2015)
  • Businesses that use video make money 49% faster (Vidyard and the Aberdeen Group)

The numbers tell all. Video grows your web traffic, builds stronger relationships, and increases conversions.

Your ideal audience — that’s people who love learning, spend a lot of time on the internet, and (most importantly) buy stuff — LOVE video.

So think about it…

How many more people can you reach IF you create engaging, entertaining and informative videos? How much more money could you make?

If you’ve ever thought to yourself,

I wish I could:

  • Make videos to sell more products and services
  • Teach others through fun educational videos
  • Keep the eyes and ears of social media followers and students glued to my every word

It’s time to stop wishing.

Online Video Made Easy will help you MAKE all these things happen. 

I help you create fab videos, even if you’re a novice. 

I help you overcome tech phobia. I help you look good on camera

I help you create great videos … fast.

Imagine what your business could look like a year from now if you learned how to make video…

It’s already helped others, just like you. Here’s what some of our past students have to say:

This is a great simple course to get you up and running in making videos for YouTube. The tools are easy to use, affordable and it’s easy to get up and running quickly. I’m still getting better at making videos and will keep on using what I’ve learned. As a chiropractor, I’ve made a number a health related videos that my patients can access at any time. This saves me a bunch of time in the office and greatly benefited my clients.

Bob Rowe

Online Video Made Easy made it easy for me to engage clients and show them why what goes into making our products. Video helped us connect with people in a way a brochure can’t.  This course was simple and easy to follow and gave me all the information I needed to get the right tools. Steve really tells you all the things you need to know.

John Birks

Online Video Made Easy was the catalyst for starting me with webinars. Taking the course not only got me started with the tech side of things, it gave me the confidence to be myself on screen during the live webinars as well as make progress with the pre-recorded sections of my hybrid webinars. I don’t believe I could have successfully completed my series of 20 webinars without the understanding and learning I gained through Steve’s course, team and community.

The way the content and course are structured and set up in sections means you can easily revisit just the sections you need to, when you need to! The support of the online community means you can ask about other relevant questions such as lighting, cameras, backdrops etc and get the right answers!

Niky Dax

Learning how to make videos enabled me to create professional quality videos for my YouTube promos and my online multimedia writing courses. Online Video Made Easy showed me how to set up a professional quality video studio on a limited budget and encouraged me to develop my own educational multimedia videos.

I love Steve’s down-to-earth manner and detailed demonstrations of the technical aspects of producing your own videos. I also appreciate this willingness to share his processes and techniques and the equipment and software he uses.

Vanessa Grant Oltmann

After 30 years of consulting, I decided to take my practice online. I my search for how to do this, Steve Dotto Came to my attention. Online Video Made Easy and some of his other courses have been outstanding in showing me how to do this. The course takes you step by step through the video creation process. I was quickly able to use the tools to make videos for YouTube and an online course. This course allowed me to broaden my practice and have fun at the same time.

Chuck Hudson

There are always reasons not to do something…

Reasons like....

The technology is just too hard to master.

Sure, making a video has a lot of moving parts. You’ve got to plan it, record it, edit it and get it ready for mass consumption.

Mastering this new tech can feel challenging.

But you can do it.

I’ll show you what tools to get, how to set them up and how to make them work for you quickly. You’ll get into a video creation routine that works every single time.

Video is too expensive to make.

Well, if you buy equipment that would put a Hollywood film crew to shame then yes, making video will be pretty expensive.

But that’s unnecessary.

You probably have most of what you need already.

Your investment in online video can be worth thousands of dollars to you. Picture your social media followers engaging with your videos… Imagine your students raving about your course content…

And I know you can find good use for that extra money you make. 

Making video takes too long.

I’ve heard this so often.

This is one of those stubborn myths.

Video creation doesn’t have to be laborious.

In fact, I’ll share with you the exact format I use to create the high quality videos for our YouTube channel, social media and webinars.

I go from concept to published video in a less time than writing a blog post. I’ll teach you how to do the same so you can shoot video like a pro too.  

I'm not good on camera...

I disagree.

Becoming a charismatic presenter is a skill you can learn just like you can learn how to ride a bike or draw a stick figure.

We’ve dedicated an entire bonus training to help you present like a pro.

In a few short weeks, you’ll go from video novice to creator extraordinaire.

And no, you don’t need a technical background or fancy recording equipment.


You’ll learn how to create captivating videos using a technique called screencasting.

With screencasting you’ll learn how to:

  • Create teaching videos for your online courses so students grasp your message quicker and feel inspired to implement your advice (that’s how you cultivate a loyal fanbase)
  • Craft snappy educational videos you can share on social media to reach more people and grow your audience
  • Show off your personality and connect with people by actually engaging them

By 2021 video will make up 82% of online traffic.

  • 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video than read a blog post (Animoto)
  • YouTube reaches more 18+ year-olds during prime time TV hours than any cable TV network- and that’s JUST on mobile. (Google)

Carve out a piece of that traffic for yourself by making (and sharing) online videos.

Did you know that your customers WANT you to make more video?

Video is the beating heart of my business, Dotto Tech.

While other experts write engaging blog posts, I make informative videos.

The skills I teach you helped me:

  • Grow a YouTube channel from 0 to 165k+ subscribers (and growing!)
  • Craft four premium online courses (just like this one) and countless free mini courses
  • Take our email list from 0 to 35k+ people
  • Start a weekly webinar that attracts hundreds of people every single Wednesday

High quality videos transformed Dotto Tech into the business it is today.

It can do the same for you.

What’s inside this course?

Module 1:

Play Video

Module 2:

Play Video

Module 3:

Play Video

Module 4:

Play Video

Module 5:

Play Video

Module 6:

Play Video

Live Bonus

But that’s not all

You get access to our private Facebook group and get support from your peers while you learn

Not sure whether your lighting could be better? Just want a friendly pair of eyes to take a look at your first screencast?

Jump into the group, ask questions and help others.

There’ll be a friendly voice around to give you a hand, offer advice and provide support.

Learn the technical skills you need to start making delightful, informative, and inspirational videos

If you are a blogger, solopreneur, online course creator, content marketer or teacher…

Mastering video will help you reach a wider audience, build your influence and close more sales.


I’m so confident you’ll love this course, that you can view all the material for 30 days at zero risk.

If you change your mind, just let us know within the first 30* days and you’ll get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

*The 30 days start after the course launches. So, in reality, you’ve got quite a bit more time.

Questions, questions that need answering

  • What if I've never used Evernote before?

That’s ok. This course is suitable for complete beginners and advanced users. 

We’ll cover starting tactics and teach you advanced techniques you can apply to turn Evernote into an incredible resource.

  • Do I need a paid version of Evernote?

No! The material we cover in this course works for the free version of Evernote as well.

  • What happens when you release a new version of the course?

Every now and then we are going to update this course. You will get access to all the new materials for free. 

  • What happens if I can’t finish the course in 10 days?

The course is entirely self paced. While you’ll get daily emails for 10 days, if for some reason you can’t keep up, you can go back and revisit the course at any time. You have access to it for as long as we run this course and you’ll get free access to any updates.

  • I’m an Evernote expert. Will I get much out of this course?

This course is best suited for beginners/intermediate students. While we’ve had advanced users take and enjoy the course, a lot of the material is foundational and focuses on building good habits.

Some of our students have discovered new features they weren’t aware of. Only you know how much of Evernote you’ve explored and whether you’ll benefit from a second look.

  • Can't I just learn this on my own?

Yes you can. With enough time, determination and patience you will figure a lot of this out. You can invest your time in learning Evernote alone or you can invest in this course and spend your time on the things that matter to you. 

  • What if I hate Evernote?

Evernote is my productivity tool of choice but it isn’t the only one. There’s OneNote, Together, Yojimbo… Before you commit to this course, check out Evernote and make sure you like it enough to commit to using it. Make a free account and spend 10 minutes playing around with it. There’s no point using something that you hate. 


Learn the technical skills you need to start making delightful, informative, and inspirational videos.

$ 499

Need help? Have more questions?