Independent Income
Through Affiliate Marketing

You are in the right place.

Let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing. I am talking about sustainable, value based revenue.


Success in Affiliate Marketing comes from building a community that trusts your opinion and advice.

Becoming a “trusted advisor” is the path to success in Affiliate Marketing.

We are in a very fortunate position.

Social Media and Search have created an environment where we tend to “crowd source” advice about most every purchase we make.


Think about it for a few minutes.

Do you make any purchase without doing research and looking for feedback, advice and recommendations?

Of course not!

For several reasons:

Why affiliate marketing?

The Power of Suggestion

A google search for product reviews and suggestions will turn up innumerable reviews, comparisons and offers.

Then there is Amazon, which is a chameleon. On the surface is is a massive online marketplace, but enter a search term and it instantly becomes a search engine.

Read the reviews and ask a question and it morphs into a social network.

There is huge power in those profiles!

Set against all this opportunity comes one very important factor


Where is the trust?

We all take the search result recommendations with a grain of salt, we are not convinced by them because we do not know the intent of the author.

This is where our opportunity lays, in building ourselves as a trusted advisor.

Affiliate Marketing is simply leveraging the trust you have built in a community and helping others make the best purchase decisions.


How It Works!

I am a YouTuber, it is my network of choice, however the principles I am going to teach you work across all social networks.

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