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Built on our very successful Webinar Wednesday Series, the Dotto Tech Product Showcase provides a platform for brands to showcase their products to a qualified and engaged audience. Play the video to learn more.
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If you answered “ YES ”
and Dotto Tech is the right channel to share news of your product, then the product showcase is the perfect opportunity to reach that audience.

You might be the perfect guest



Steve Dotto, the host and presenter of Dotto Tech Product Showcase has over 20 years experience as the host of nationally syndicated TV and Radio Tech shows in Canada, so he is uniquely suited to provide context and insight to our community.

We have built a solid community interested in productivity, social marketing, content creation tools, who turn to us to advise them on which apps and tools will meet their needs.

Additionally, Dotto Tech Product Showcase Gives Your Product the Opportunity for:

More Qualified Leads

A live qualified audience learning about your product.


The opportunity to close sales during and well after the showcase.


Your Product being promoted to a significant, qualified email list (45k+)

trusted online influencer

Your product being presented and promoted to a popular TRUSTED YouTube channel (250K)

more traffic

Ongoing discovery and search on YouTube on a channel with massive YouTube Authority.

Brand relationship

Brand relationship with one of the more respected YouTube content creators and Social Media Influencers.


Built on our very successful Webinar Wednesday Series, the Dotto Tech Showcase provides a platform for brands to showcase their products to a qualified and engaged audience.

Dotto Tech Product Showcase Format

Our Hybrid Format (The Winning Format)

Live greeting to community, Steve warms them up set the stage for the content, then throw to the pre-recorded video.

Introduce concept, guest, deliver running order of what is to come, and introduce the demo.

The content expert will previously have recorded a screencast demo of the main features of the product.

The video should be between 7 and 22 minutes total.

It should be feature and example rich, not a sales pitch! 

While the video is running the content expert and Steve are in the chat of the livestream answering the obvious questions, and noting the ones that are best addressed live during the Q&A.

This is a brilliant part of the Livestream active chat engenders social proof, and we increase the information density of the event by answering the “low hanging” questions concurrent with the video.

Once the video has run, we return live (including Guest who has joined in via Skype) and engage in a Q&A with me acting as host.

The Call-to-Action will be offered throughout, BUT this in not a classic sales pitch. It is an info/training LiveStream where we will include an offer.  So any sales pitch is “softer” than many that we are familiar with in the online space, but I assure you, the right offer for the right product will be well accepted!

We will promote the showcase replay, plus any offers you have made to our community in our weekly newsletter (40,000 plus subscribers)


Business Opportunity

for product and service providers

I do understand that your goal is to make sales, and drive revenue, however my community resists traditional online sales techniques.

So we do not typically engage in normal online sales pressure tactics. Instead we focus on education, answering questions and then making a fair offer to the community.

It should be an evergreen offer as the replay of the Livestream will be online for some time to come.

A reasonable discount or upgrade offer is going to resonate best with my community.

Booking agents, if you do not hear from me within a couple weeks after you’ve proposed a guest, you can assume I’m passing on your suggestion. Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the bandwidth to respond to every single request. I’d appreciate no repeated follow-ups. Thanks.


There are several models we can employ for my compensation, the most obvious being Affiliate and Fee based compensation, or a combination of both. But there are also sponsorship opportunities for some partners.  We will negotiate a fair compensation package for the showcase.


Depending on how good a fit the content is for our community we can expect somewhere between 300 and 700 people joining us live, with several thousand views of the reply in the first week it is online.

Those numbers are based on my community alone, and will increase if the partner also helps promote the Live Stream.

Evergreen and Replay

I will do minor editing to the video (trimming the top primarily).

All the Livestream will remain on my channel, generating new awareness 24/7.


As we are just starting this program (Season 1) we are still working on a fair pricing model.

Each Showcase will be negotiated independently, while we evolve the value proposition.

A good starting place will be:

My revenue goals for each Showcase in Season 1 is a minimum of $3500.

What you get

Why should we do a product showcase and not just invest in a Dotto Tech YouTube video.

We have built the Dotto Tech channel into a trusted brand with terrific YouTube Authority. Our videos constantly rank in search and have high retention and engagement.

A big part of this success comes from our format and presentation style.  Read more about our format here.

I almost all cases, we have a very solid and deep understanding of the tools and products we demonstrate on the channel, which comes through in the content.

There are many products that Steve does not have day to day intimate understanding of, to the level needed to drive the presentation himself, that is one place where the Product Showcase opens the door for brands to leverage our authority, and lean on Steve’s professional interviewing experience to present their product in the best light possible, with an expert on hand to answer all questions, handle objections and a host who will put the product into context for a community that trusts him.


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