Manage Your Google Contacts Like a Pro

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Do you use Google Contacts to manage your contacts?
Or if not, would you like to learn how to?
If this sounds like you, then this post will show you how.

Google has been changing things again…

Google is always trying to improve things. To make them better. More consistent. And yet, half the time, these “improvements” just end up confusing the heck out of us.
Managing our contacts– our emails, addresses, and phone numbers– should be easy.
Yet managing all your info and syncing it across your devices isn't as easy as it sounds.
That's why today, we'll take a deep dive into Google contacts and show you how to use it.

Using Google Contacts in Gmail

The latest Gmail update may have added some excellent features to your inbox but it wasn't so kind to Google Contacts.
In the classic Gmail interface, accessing your contacts was easy.
All you had to do is click on the arrow on the left of the Gmail logo and select contacts.
You'd think, with a brand new updated version, Google will keep things easy.
But they didn't.
To access your contacts in the new version of Gmail, you need to click on the Google Apps menu in the top right-hand corner, then select Contacts.
Then, you”' be taken to the contacts page. Here you can see your contacts, update your settings, and group your contacts by adding labels.
You can add a new contact by:
  • Clicking on the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  • Hovering your cursor over a sender's name while you're in your Gmail inbox then selecting “Add to contacts”
Want to access your contacts quicker than going the Google Apps route? You can do that in two ways.
1. Add Google contacts to your bookmarks bar
Just grab the URL and drag it into your Bookmarks bar. This is something you can do for any site you want to access fast.
2. Use a keyboard shortcut.
To turn on your keyboard shortcuts:
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Keyboard shortcuts and turn it on
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on “Save changes”
To access contacts, hit G and C on your keyboard while you're in your main Gmail inbox and Google will open up your contacts in a new tab.

Managing your Google contacts on your phone

Google contacts work pretty well on Android-powered devices. But when it comes to iPhones, you need to make a few changes.

To sync your Google Contacts to your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Accounts and Passwords
  • Make sure you've enabled your Google account on your iPhone
  • When your Google account is enabled, go back to Settings and scroll down to Contacts
  • In Contacts, choose Google as your default account

Now when you save a contact on your phone, you'll be able to see all your Google contacts.

Is Google Contacts worth it?

While Google Contacts isn't particularly hard to use, the experience isn't as seamless as the other Google apps.

However, if you actively use your Google account, managing your contacts through it can help you streamline your process.

I know that for me, it's something I'm going to keep using– at least for now.

What about you? What do you think about Google Contacts? How do you manage your contacts? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Have fun storming the castle!

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  • From Google Contacts, when I click Settings, the only options I have are Language, Phone number country code, and Sort by options.

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