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Last week we brought up the hidden messages of the Facebook Messenger. With that video, we purely were looking to spread the word and help you all discover any hidden messages Facebook may have been holding. We had no idea the response we would receive and the comments of your stories and how this mess of the hidden Facebook messages has created some big headaches and heartaches.

We make sure to read each and every Youtube comment. Reading the comments in response to “Facebooks Hidden Messages – You may have snubbed someone important!” has not been easy. Hearing how many of you have missed opportunities for a job or career-related connections, old friends, but what about messages from someone that was reaching out to you, but they have since passed away. This is heart-wrenching and so hard to understand why Facebook would let this happen.

A few of you were asking about finding these messages on your desktop and Android devices. We dug further, and it seems that the Android app does not have the capability to get these messages at this time. So this leaves us with the desktop.

Finding your hidden Facebook messages on your desktop computer is just a few clicks, hidden clicks, but just a few clicks.

Click on Messages  > Filtered Messages

Now, you are sure to find plenty of spam, pointless messages, but unfortunately, you are very likely to find valuable messages as well. Facebook has truly let us down on this one; they had to know that these messages aren’t easy to find. Who else thinks Facebook owes us an apology?

Until next time … have fun stormin’ the castle!

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