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Building a following online is a labor of love and takes some patience. When you are building your online audience is so imperative you remember that no matter how many likes, followers, or friends you have, access to those people is owned by the platform you are on. To maximize the profitability of your online marketing efforts you need to be building an email list from day one.

Your email list is your customer base, the livelihood of your business. There are many methods to starting and growing your email list of clients, one way we have found to be very effective is by implementing a popup. Now, we do know there is a stigma with a popup on a website. There is no shortage of web viewers that complain about popups but don’t let that stop you. Adding an email popup is something we evaluated for some time before implementing. Here is our view, if you are creating highly relevant and valuable content on a regular basis for free, you have nothing to be worried about. You are already providing such value that asking someone to join your email list is more of a service that an intrusive action. The popup indeed has helped increase our email list at a much quicker rate, the only regret we have is not implementing it sooner.

Optin Monster is the popup manager that we have chosen to use. In the short time, we have been utilizing the popup we are very satisfied with Optin Monster, a WordPress plugin which makes it very easy to setup and integrates with our website.

Features of Optin Monster

  • Design
  • Theme
  • Fields
  • Configuration
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Effects
  • Page Targeting

How To Use Optin Monster

To get started, you will design your form and adjust settings on the web platform. Once you have your form created and are ready to activate it on your site, you will go back to your WordPress dashboard.Assuming you have the Optin Monster plugin installed on your WordPress backend, you will select it in the left-hand side menu. All of the opt-in forms you have created will be showcased once you click the Optin Monster link, along with the option to push them live and adjust their settings on the site.

Optin Monster provides opportunities to create what they call in-line opt-in forms as well. These are the static forms you see on sites; ours is below each of our blog posts and on our menu as showcased below.

Overall, the proof truly is in the pudding, and there is no denying that our results are not even comparable when you look at the pop-up versus a static opt-in form. Putting a solo opt-in form on your site may provide some subscribers, but what kind of results could you be getting with a popup?

We would love to hear your feedback over on the YouTube channel, what kind of results have you received with an email popup form?

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle!

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