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We here at DottoTech love helping others find the answers to some of their tech-related questions. This week in our series Ask DottoTech we address questions regarding Adobe Spark, adding images to your contacts and how to backup your Gmail.

Our first question comes from Suzanne. She asks how can you back up the content in your Gmail?

This can be handy not only to ensure the integrity of your data but if you want to migrate that information to a different platform later it would be handy to save that information for later use. So how does one do it?

Google itself provides a handy tool to accomplish this task. Google Takeout allows you to export any or all of your Google data into several file types. You can choose specific data types from mail to youtube, calendars, groups, etc. Once you decide which data you want to backup, create the archive. You can download to your device, add it to Dropbox, or One Drive.

Takeout can be accessed by going to your Gmail account settings. There under the Personal Info and Privacy section is the option Control your Content. Click create archive. It will then take you to the Google Takeout screen.

A shorter route to Takeout is to type the URL below into your browser.

Next question is from Wayne who asks how to move a photo in my Dropbox on my phone and set it as an image for a contact on the same phone? 

For this question keep in mind that the process is fundamentally the same whether you are using an Apple device or an Andriod. The icons referenced are different, but the process is similar. The first step is to access the image through Dropbox. Once you have opened the image there, you can save the picture to your device. On the IOS devices, you click the button with the square with an arrow pointing up. There you can share that image to multiple apps or the device directly.

Once the picture is saved to your device, the next step is to access the contacts list. Once you choose the contact, you want to add an image to, click on edit contact. In the edit feature, you can add a picture there. Just choose which image you want to attach to the contact and save.

TG Bears asks if you can change a photo template once your graphic is created in Adobe Spark?

In a previous blog, we talked about some of the impressive features in Adobe’s new tool for quickly creating graphics and videos. We love using Spark for quick and easy video creation. To answer TG’s question, yes! Once you have created a graphic in Spark, you can go back into the image in the app. On the right side, there is a slider that provides several preset templates for the graphic. You can choose to size it for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc… Simple as that. Adobe has made it accessible for those of us who do not have an extensive knowledge of Photoshop or InDesign.

Simple, easy and quick. That’s why it’s a great tool for those small scale entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or manpower to spend countless hours in high-end creative design software.

Hopefully, that answers the questions presented by our viewers. We love the questions submitted to DottoTech, keep them coming. Check back for more submissions from our loyal followers.

Until next time have fun stormin’ the castle!

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