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RapportiveBoomerang, and Find Big Mail are three Gmail add-ons that we recommended in the video 3 Gmail Add-Ons You Need to Use nearly two years ago. Our viewer Golf Dude is wondering if we have an update on Gmail apps. Yes, we do, here it is!

Rapportive was purchased by LinkedIn, and the app is not nearly as efficient, not one Dotto uses anymore. We have replaced this space with Full Contact, which has many of the same features that Rapportive had yet just not as robust.

Gmail Add-On Must Have #1

Full Contact, while not everything we loved about Rapportive, has some great features. Full Contact works with your contacts, syncing their online social profiles, email signatures, photos, and other dynamic details to keep you up-to-date on their information. The ability to add a new contact by scanning a business card or from an email signature is a nice feature as well. Overall a useful contact management and relationship nurturing tool.

Gmail Add-On Must Have #2

Boomerang does such an array of things inside of Gmail it is a must have of our favorite Gmail add-ons, non-negotiable. Many of us work very odd hours, as we may write an email response at Midnight it doesn’t necessarily mean we want to send it at Midnight, with Boomerang you can schedule the message to send the next morning, how cool is that? Other features include, snoozing a message, send it away for an hour, day, or however long you see fit. Schedule it to return when you have time to address it. The mission of Boomerang is to help people improve their productivity through email management and they are doing just that. If you do not have Boomerang in your Gmail account, this is a productivity must.

Gmail Add-On Must Have #3

Todoist for Gmail helps to streamline the process between your to-do list and your email. With the Gmail integration, Todoist allows you to turn your email messages into tasks, to-do list items, you can set deadlines and reminders for yourself as well. Any to-do item generated out of email can simply be sent off to Todoist and synced with Todoist on your mobile devices, consider it done! It definitely helps us keep our days straight with all of the projects we have going on.


And there they are, our 3 favorite Gmail add-ons here at Dotto Tech! We hope you find these as useful as we have. Don’t forget to scroll down and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest Dotto Tech resources and posts!

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle!

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