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As I sit here opening my email I feel a sense of overwhelm.

Can you relate?

I bet you can. Everyone experiences the moment when you are overwhelmed by the Inbox because we are behind and unorganized. Email is a necessary evil, we are always looking for a way to increase productivity and decrease stress, and what better target than your Inbox. The folks at Sortd have launched an exciting addition to Gmail that is available as an extension for your Chrome browser.

Sortd is s a Smart Skin for Gmail which allows it to function as an extension to your Gmail within the Chrome Browser, overlaying your current inbox. Sortd turns your Gmail into a drag-and-drop interface.

Sortd presets columns with headers like To-Do’s, Follow Up, and Deals. These headers are fully customizable so you can modify the lists to whatever makes sense to you and how you operate.

These columns are the heart of Sortd, Acting as task and to-do lists you simply drag your emails into the appropriate list, where you have options to treat the email as an email, or as a task.

Not only can you edit the columns, but you can also changing the title of the email itself.

I think the real power of Sortd is it transforms the visual layout of your email. For a lot of people, myself included, it allows you to visualize the content a little better and process that information more efficiently. Maybe it can do the same for you. By being a “skin”,  you can quickly switch from Sortd view back and forth to the traditional Gmail view. You’re not stuck in the application; this will help you adapt the app to your browser at your pace. It’s not like jumping into a brand new architecture and being forced to learn it or else. Sortd brings the best of Gmail and the best of what they have to offer into one seamless integration.

Currently, Sortd is only available for Gmail. And there is a mobile app for iOS and Android, which we may discuss later. But for now rest assured that Sortd is a new approach to managing your Inbox. Fully customizable and visually adaptive it could solve the ever present battle of managing that continually demanding inbox.

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle…

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