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Sharing Large Video Files & Installing Browser Extensions – ADT #25

We are here again with another week of Ask Dotto Tech and excited to address the question this week. Our friend Mrs. Voepel has a video she would like to share with her family. Unfortunately, it is a larger file which makes it hard to send via email. While there are a few options, you could upload to file storage services but why not upload straight to YouTube? Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? It is, we will show you how to share large video files! To begin, you will need a Gmail account which will allow you to create a YouTube account. You will use the Gmail information to log into YouTube. Once you have your account created, go to YouTube and find the Creator Studio by clicking on your account icon in the upper right-hand corner and then Creator Studio. Upload Your Video Creator Studio provides you with a dashboard full of tools to manage the videos in your account. Once you are in the Creator Studio, we need to upload your first video by clicking on the Upload button in the upper right corner. You have the option of drag and dropping a file or searching for a file on your computer. As your file begins to upload, you have time to provide a title for your video and assure your privacy settings are set to either unlisted or private. The difference between the two is that private requires a password to access, where unlisted requires a link and no password. Unlisted should provide enough security for this purpose; it will not show up in YouTube or Google search, only people that have the provided link will be able to view the video. Once you have adjusted the settings, click “Done” and wait for the video to finish uploading. YouTube will compress the file and assure it is ready to share, due to the huge amount of video being uploaded onto YouTube per minute, it can take a little bit to upload your video depending on how large your file is. Share Your Video Now that your video has been processed and uploaded to YouTube you are ready to share the goodness with your family. You will notice there are social links and a URL that you can grab from the uploaded screen. You can grab the URL provided on the page and send that link directly to the friends and family that you would like to share your video with. If you share on social media, obviously your video will not be as private, and any viewers of your social media account will be able to view the video. If you would like to see the video to assure it was uploaded correctly, add thumbnails or even a description of the video at this point, head back into your Creator Studio and you will see that the video has been uploaded. At that point, click on Edit next to that video. You will have access to change any of the settings you already set, as well as, grab the link unique to that video which allows you to share easily via email or text. All you would need to do at that point is copy and paste the URL and the recipients will easily be able to click and view the video, no need to login or even have a YouTube account. That, Mrs. Voepel, is how you can easily share your large videos with your friends and family!
Our friend John Boyd has a question as well, sent to us video YouTube comments. After viewing our video showcasing our three favorite Gmail add-onsand would like a quick demonstration on how to install the add-ons. Great idea! How to Install Browser Extensions While we were showcasing 3 Gmail add-ons, the actual process to add the extensions is done inside of your browser and not in Gmail. This process will work for any browser as long as the extension is compatible with that browser but for demonstration, we will showcase Chrome. To start, open up Chrome as your internet browser and access “Preferences” where you will find the “Extensions” option. This is where you will turn the different extensions on and off. If you are looking to add more extensions, scroll to the bottom of your extensions list and click on “Add Extension.” Once you click, Chrome Web Store will open up, search and find the extension you would like to add and click on it, you will notice a blue button in the upper right corner, click on “+ ADD To Chrome” and you now have a new extension! Pretty simple, eh? Thank you all for your support and submitted your questions, we love answering them! Check back again next week for another round of Ask Dotto Tech and until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle!


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