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Getting good customer service from big technology and social media companies can seem like a Sisyphean task, no matter how much time you spend on the phone or in a chat window with an agent you just go around in circles and never make any progress!

However, there are a select few cases where I have found great success at getting good service and actual help from Google.

Google Help and G Suite

The main portal through which you can get help from Google is called…Google Help…very creative right?

Well fortunately we care less about what Google names things and much more about whether Google can help us fix our problems. The first thing you will notice about the Google Help page is it is broken up into services, so if you are having issues with Chrome or AdSense you go through different sets of FAQs and supporting documents which helps narrow and focus the scope of inquiry.

If you are a using G Suite, Google’s paid service, and are an “Administrator” then there is an additional layer of help you can access by following this link: G Suite Help.

Unfortunately that service is only available to Administrators and I am as perplexed as to why that is as you probably are when trying to solve whatever problem you might be having.

Fortunately, there is one area where Google support really stands out as excellent.

Google Product Forums

The Google Product Forums are, by far, the one service I recommend more than any other when troubleshooting problems with Google products.

The reason is that the product forums are being updated in real-time to developing issues, crashes, bug fixes etc…

For example, perhaps there’s a conflict between Chrome and a new version of your operating system. Chances are you aren’t the only person having this issue so going to the forums to learn about it is a way of crowd sourcing solutions to common problems.

Additionally, the forums have specific subforums for the widest range of Google products and services you can imagine. You’ll find specific forums for products and services you never even knew about!

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