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Ecamm Live – Turn Your Home Office Into a Live Streaming Studio

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel SUBSCRIBE TO DOTTOTECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL This year is the year of live streaming, and yes…I know that I said that last year as well, so maybe more accurately we are in the age of live streaming. Streaming and casting applications have come a long way in just these last few […]

Sync – Is it Time to Drop Dropbox?

SUBSCRIBE TO DOTTOTECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL Online file sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are terrific tools that are indispensable for many of us, however, we should all be conscious of what these services do with the information that we upload to them. Our privacy might not be as private as we want when […]

TripIt – The Travel App I Can’t Leave Home Without

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel SUBSCRIBE TO DOTTOTECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL Travel can be stressful even in the best of circumstances and technology has made traveling easier and also more chaotic. Sure, we’ve gone from having fold-out paper maps, to Map Quest, to Google Maps, but we’ve also gone from having all our travel documents on […]

Get What You Paid For! How To Check-And Speed Up-Your Internet Connection

SUBSCRIBE TO DOTTOTECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL How do you know whether your internet service provider is giving you the bandwidth and internet speeds you’re paying for? Fortunately for you, rather easily! Let’s take a look together! Understanding Internet Speeds It’s important to remember that just because we are paying for a fast connection to the internet […]

The Synology DiskStation NAS – Why Didn’t I Get One Sooner?!?!

SUBSCRIBE TO DOTTOTECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL You know when you drag your feet about going out to a party and then when you actually arrive you realize that the party is amazing and that you wish you had left earlier? That’s how I feel about Network Attached Storage devices now. I cannot believe that I waited […]

Google Help

SUBSCRIBE TO DOTTOTECH YOUTUBE CHANNEL Getting good customer service from big technology and social media companies can seem like a Sisyphean task, no matter how much time you spend on the phone or in a chat window with an agent you just go around in circles and never make any progress! However, there are a […]


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