Do you run regular webinars or are you ready to finally start?

Do you run regular webinars or are you ready to finally start?

Choosing the right software to use can be a downright frustrating (and confusing) experience.

Just looking at the software’s features doesn’t show you what the experience is going to be like for either the webinar presenters or the guest.

Webinar Palooza is “pub crawl” through the popular webinar platforms— it takes one of the most difficult software decisions you’ll make, and makes it easy.

Go-To-Webinar * WebinarJam * Zoom * Demio * Crowdcast * EasyWebinar

Webinar Palooza is a totally unique event.

We will move from webinar platform to webinar platform in a single session, with participants experiencing the experience for each platform, helping you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform as perceived by the attendees.

Webinar Palooza explores all 3 facets of running a successful webinar.

  1. As an attendee, you’ll learn what the webinar experience is like for your guests.
  2. As a presenter, you’ll see what tools, features and challenges you’ll encounter.
  3. As an administrator, you’ll learn how to set up and launch the webinar, integration tools, and marketing follow-up tools.

We recorded this event Live, and you now have access to my back stage demonstration of each webinar tool’s administration and broadcast features.

In a single event, you’ll have the unique opportunity to evaluate the main webinar tools, helping you make the right decision for your enterprise.

Yes it is a brilliant and– if the truth be known– insane concept!

But it works.

What will you learn in Webinar Palooza?

Here is how I’ll evaluate each platform:

Here is what You will not necessarily learn from Webinar Palooza:

I have found that there is no way to accurately evaluate service bandwidth issues like the quality or the stability of the feed.

This is because there are so many variables that are outside of our control. From the upload bandwidth of the webinar presenters, to congested servers anywhere in the delivery chain, to throttled download feeds or more congestion on our attendees’ ISP.

This is not even taking into account attendees machines, operating systems and browsers…..WOW as I write this I wonder how I ever actually manage to deliver a clean webinar! 😃

We can generally say that all the platforms that make it into Webinar Palooza have the technology in place to be able to effectively stream our webinars to our attendees, with serviceable quality.

This looks like a lot of work Steve, how are you making money on this?

If you’ve followed Dotto Tech for any amount of time, you know transparency is a big deal for me.

So here is the business model for this project, upfront.

Yes, it is a HUGE amount of work.

I will make it worthwhile for me through:

  1. Affiliate sales

I don’t do a lot of affiliate sales, but if through Webinar Palooza you are better able to make a purchase decision, I will happily take an affiliate commission from the webinar provider, if they make such a program available to me. (It’s not a prerequisite for them, we will include Webinar Platforms with no affiliate programs if they are judged to be a contender)

  1. Webinar Palooza is a Listbuilder

I’ll grow my email list with Webinar Palooza, and once on the list you may become a member of my community in any number of ways! (I hope you do!)

It’s my hope that many of you get some clarity of which platform is worth investing in, and as a result see the value in investing in your ability to deliver better, more impactful webinars and join us for our other content. 

Webinar Palooza will be worthwhile, for both you and me!