What does the next stage of your life look like?

The years before retirement are the perfect time to start a side-business.

To use the skills, knowledge and experience from your time in the workplace to build something on your own terms.

This training will reveal the opportunities and potential of the online space. Opportunities you can use to make money, give back, and share your skills with people eager to learn what you already know.

You were looking down at your work. And when you looked up,
the online world had changed.

“I spent all this time bringing other people’s dreams to life.
What about my own?”

Your kids are growing up and (hopefully) leaving home.

Your routine — the same one you’ve followed most of your working life — is coming to an end.

It’s almost time to say goodbye to your colleagues, connections and the daily grind.

But it feels bittersweet. Because the next stage is shrouded in uncertainty.

Retirement used to be simple. 

Our parents worked a 9-5 and at the end, they were rewarded with a few years of relaxation.

But unlike the previous generation, we have 20+ years of future to look forward to. 

So what will retirement look like for you? What can it look like?

You spent years gaining experience.
Being indispensable. Doing the hard work.

Now you can reap the rewards. 

Other people– at various stages of their lives and careers– are going through the challenges you conquered. 

They are solving problems you can help with. 

Does it seem right that all your hard-earned knowledge, skills and experience should stay with you when you can use it to help others? 

Discover the place where your skills, your passions and opportunity collide

You have skills and experience that you can earn from.

In this live training, I’ll show you how to match up what you know to the opportunities that already exist in the online space.

During the live training itself, we’ll talk about the big picture. At the end, you’ll get access to a self-paced mini course that will teach you the brass tactics.

You’ll learn how to:

1. Uncover your core competencies

What skills do you want to share with others? What kind of business do you want to build? By the end you’ll have to tools to answer those key questions.

2. Rediscover your passions and find your voice

After years spread between the office and raising a family, it’s hard to remember what you actually like doing.

But over the next 20+ years, you have the opportunity to finally put yourself first and focus on the things that matter to you. You’ll learn how to take that first step.

3. Identify the right social media platform for growing your business

Learn how to find your audience– the people eager to learn from you– and go where they are.

We’ll walk through the main social media platforms you can use and I’ll share my very favorite platform— the one I use to build DottoTech.

4. Nail down your value proposition so you can show, specifically, what you can help with

You have decades worth of skills behind you. Skills others still haven’t mastered and you can be the one to help them get there.

Learn how to drill down into the specifics and uncover your chief competitive advantage.

5. Decide what side hustle is right for you

You’ve got plenty of options including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Selling your own products
  • Course creation
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Writing
  • Design

Learn how to choose the right one and how to do it at scale, in a way that works for you.


Build the side business you want,
with the skills you have

Make your retirement the best period yet and learn how to start a side-hustle that brings in extra money and lets you use your experience to help others.

A few brands Steve has worked with


I want to show you how to do this because it’s exactly what I did:


I spent 30 years as a broadcaster, teaching millions of Canadians about technology. From introducing the first iMac to the first websites, I saw it all.

After wrapping up my “official” career, I started a YouTube channel on the side, doing the same thing– creating short, educational videos about technology.

Today, DottoTech has grown to a sizable YouTube channel (220k+ and growing) and an email list of 35k+.

I grew DottoTech for many of the same reasons you want to grow a business:

  • To find meaning
  • To make money
  • To spend time and get to know an incredible community
  • To give back
  • To share the years of experience and help others do what it takes

And I firmly believe you can do the same.

Age isn’t just a number

It’s experience. An understanding of how the world really works because we’ve lived it— for 55+ years.

A time of unbridled possibility is ahead of you.

You did the time in the proving grounds and now it’s your turn to fly.

We planted the seeds they are reaping

When 08 hit, millennials were forced to dig deep and uncover their entrepreneurial spirit because the job market didn’t want them.

But the skills, the mindset necessary to take that leap? They came from us.

We lay the groundwork for our kids by working the corporate job and changing the culture from the inside.

It’s time to reap the benefits.

Time to leverage your considerable skills and talent to start a side hustle, grow a business, give back to your community.

After years spent working for somebody else, how do you rekindle the entrepreneurial fire that burned before you joined the rat race?

How do you overcome the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck?

How do you silence the devil on your shoulder, whispering that it’s too late. That you’ve missed the boat. That opportunity has passed you by.

By digging into the same resilience that got you to where you are today.

By saying no to the external forces that keep trying to compartmentalize us.

By uncovering the exact spot where our skills, experience, and opportunity meet and planting a flag.

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here.

Retirement is the best time to start something new. Just think about it:

You’ve got the key elements you need to build a successful side-hustle:

  • Experience
  • A strong network
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Passion
  • Time

Your wild days are behind you.

You know who you are, what matters to you, and what you want.

Bonus training: The social system

Figuring out what you want to do is one thing.

But once you know what kind of side-hustle you want to build, how do you turn it into reality?

How do you use the digital tools that developed over the last 10 years to make money post-work?

I faced the same problem when I wrapped up my 30-year career in broadcast television and began building a business on YouTube.

To help me, I developed my very own Social System.

A way to use content marketing and social media to build a business.

And in this training, I’ll share it with you.

We’ll talk about how you can use content creation— podcasts, videos, eBooks, and Live Streams— to inform, teach, engage, and grow a community.

And we’ll discuss how you can identify that community in the first place.

Whether you want to grow an affiliate business on Amazon, sell your own products, or sell your skills and experience, the Social System will help you get started.

You’ll get access to this course as soon as you sign up.

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Yes. In this training I’ll show you some of the different ways you can start a side hustle using your current skills and discuss different ways to monetize.

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