How to Collaborate with Dotto Tech

Partnerships with Dotto Tech

Thank you for your interest in Dotto Tech.

This document will outline our business practices regarding partnerships and sponsorships.

First and most importantly...

We have worked diligently to protect our reputation and build a trusted brand. Our reputation and the trust of our following will always be at the forefront of every relationship we undertake.


Your product or service has to be a solid fit for our channel.

What You Need to Know About Dotto Tech

Existing Relationships

We currently have prime relationships with the following Companies which means we will not be creating content for competitive products (subject to change)

  • Thinkific – LMS 
  • ReStream – Streaming Services
  • Techsmith – Screencasting and video creation

Our Channel Focus

  • Productivity 
  • Content Creation
  • Online Marketing
  • Small Business Tools


We typically do not focus on an enterprise market, our videos are aimed primarily at personal use of technology.

About Our Videos

I try to find unique angles for our viewers.

In every video we create value, solving a problem, opening their eyes to a new way of approaching a challenge. 

Each demo needs to have a narrative, a reason, not just be a “feeds and speeds” demo.

As a result it typically takes several months for me to craft the video.

I need to get comfortable with your product, use it and understand it’s unique value.

You need to have a product or marketing manager available to help me understand your objectives.

We will set up goals and schedule meetings so we can explain details of the process.

Our Followers

Base demographics for our YouTube Channel. One unique aspect of our channel is 44% are over the age of 45. (Youtube analytics, July 2021)


Good Fit So Far?
Find Out More...

Promotional consideration ranges from  $4,000 to $7,000 per video.

The actual price will be determined on a case-by-case bases.

Preference is given to partners with Affiliate programs we can enroll in.

Our videos are usually still relevant 2 or more years after publishing, so an affiliate long tail is a revenue stream we look for.

  1. If you have the budget and meet our other criteria, we ask you to fill in and submit a quick form.
  2. If we proceed, we will outline a production schedule jointly.
  3. Sign off.

Partners will be included in the approval process, and we take into consideration any changes or modifications requested, but final sign off is made by Steve Dotto.

Do you tick all the boxes?

If your product is a good fit, fill in the form below:

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