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Today’s demo is a little different…

It’s not about being more productive, improving your marketing skills, or mastering the Google Suite (though the tool we’ll talk about does help make Gmail better!).

It’s pure, unadulterated fun.

Introducing Bitmoji

I’d like you to meet Bitmoji– a custom emoji app available for download in the iOS and Android app stores.

You can use it to make an emoji that looks just like you.

Designed as a Snapchat add-on, you can have a lot of fun with Bitmoji even if you aren’t sure what Snapchat actually does.

It all starts with a selfie.

After you’ve taken your selfie, it’s time to start creating.

Use your selfie as a guide to create the brand new you. Pretty much everything is customizable– from your skin tone (including colorful shades like turquoise and purple) to your chin size.

No. This isn’t Steve’s avatar. Or is it?

You can make sure your eye shape and size are just right, that your nose resembles the real-life version, and your jaw shape is unmistakable. When your face is done, choose your body type and pick an outfit– there are hundreds to choose from.

Once your avatar is ready, Bitmoji will walk you through the keyboard set up. You’ll need to give it some permissions.

To access your Bitmoji keyboard in a text, press and hold the globe icon at the bottom, then select Bitmoji from the keyboard choices.

You can now choose from hundreds of emojis that look just like you.

Want to look for a specific emoji? Type in the term into the search bar and you’ll be greeted by a lot of options.

Bitmoji isn’t just for texting. If you log into the Bitmoji site on your desktop, you can add the Bitmoji Chrome extension to your browser and use it to drag and drop emojis in various apps like Asana.

You can also add it to Gmail!

The Gmail extension sits right in your email so you can send personalized emojis or add them to your signature.

Life isn’t just about being productive

It’s about having fun too. Sending personalized emojis to your friends and loved ones can add a little bit of spark to any conversation.

This app won’t change the world– but it can bring smiles to some happy (and surprised) faces.

Until next time,

Have fun storming the castle!

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