Atomicon 2020
Fringe Day

Atomicon 2020 Fringe Day

How to Make Money
on YouTube!

Including Steve’s patented YouTube Launch Sequence.
Our proven method for publishing YouTube Videos.
27th April 2020 @ 2pm - 4pm
Toffee Factory, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Your Teacher


Steve Dotto here, how the heck are you doing this fine day?
In my opinion YouTube is the best platform for growth and revenue.  Let me share with you 7 proven methods for making money on YouTube.
Your chance to learn from the best. 
Steve has been a featured speaker at:

  • Social Media Marketing World
  • Video Marketing World
  • VidSummit
  • And many other international events.
Real numbers

Here is my promise to you

Admit it, you look at a video with 100,000 or 1 million views and you wonder how much money that video earned the creator.

Let me answer these questions and more!

Not only will I share the methods but wherever I can I will share real numbers!

I will share with you real revenue numbers (as best I can) which will help you immeasurable decide which methods will work best for you.
And we will go beyond just the Methods for Earning Money.
I will share with you our “YouTube Publishing Sequence” .
Step-by-step instruction of how we create and publish our videos for success and growth.
This is your chance to learn from a full time YouTube creator, how he built his channel and how he profits from it!
Everything I share will be backed up by REAL numbers, not some fantasy figures designed to turn your head. 
Are you ready to make money on YouTube? 
unlock your potential

why attend?

YouTube has Changed the World

There is Profit to be Made!

YouTube has completely revolutionized the world of video, and along with that change has come incredible opportunity.

The YouTube Gold Rush is well underway, and many creators are making good to exceptional livings off the small screen.

No two YouTubers make money the same way. Most of us use a combination of the techniques we’ll cover.

The same techniques that took the Dotto Tech Channel from zero to 260K subscriber.

In this Masterclass, I will teach you

Peel back the curtain and learn how to create your own profitable channel

Part 1: Making Money On YouTube (see above)

Part 2: The YouTube Launch Sequence – Step by Step how we plan, create, prepare and publish our videos.

You will learn the important secrets that successful YouTube Creators use to assure their videos reach large audiences, make money and help our channels to grow.

You have some questions!


Of course, you can. You just need the right strategy. 

Discover the skills you need to build a profitable business on the world’s largest video platform.

It’s not too late to get started with YouTube and forge a second (or third) career. 
With time, effort, and know-how you can use YouTube to build a profitable business.
Because it’s not just about crafting top-notch content. It’s about being smart and leveraging that content to grow a business. 
When most creators talk about monetizing their channels, they are only thinking about YouTube Ads even though ads are just one tiny piece of the puzzle.
One needs multiple revenue streams to be successful. 
That’s why, in this mastermind, we’ll cover so much more. Join me to learn what I know about making money on YouTube.
We’ll cover:
– The mechanisms 
– The deals
– The opportunity
– The reality
You’ll discover the answers to questions like:
– How do I monetize my channel?
– How big does my channel need to be?
– How much can I expect to make?
– How long does it take to build a channel I can monetize?
– How do I get paid?
– Where can I find revenue sources?
– What type of content should I make to be profitable?
Everything is based on our business here at Dotto Tech. 

make money on youtube

YouTube is built to be a marketplace, where content creators meet content consumers.
There is money to be made and businesses to be built.
It may be the most exciting online marketplace.
Let others talk about 7 figure income and overnight success.
I have not learned how that works.
What I have learned in how to build and monetize a YouTube channel.
If you are willing to put in the work, I will show you how to turn it into a business.
More reasons to attend ...


Bonus 1: How to Make Money on YouTube Online Course

$49 Value
Along with your registration, I will include access to 2 of our most popular online courses.

Bonus 2: The YouTube Launch Sequence

$39 Value

These 2 courses go into even more detail than we have time to cover in the Mastermind, and will re-enforce the lessons we teach!

achieve your potential

how to make money
on youtube

join us

Venue Location

Toffee Factory, Newcastle