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Steve Dotto here and I am welcoming you to this new video series where Iím going to document growth, experiments and different things that weíre doing on YouTube to try and grow, build and engage the community online. Iím going to give you a bit of background to start. We have had this channel active for about a year now. For the first nine months that I had it active, it was very slow going. I was kind of figuring things out as far as how regularly I published and kind of finding my voice online. After doing a network TV show which I did here in Canada, figuring out exactly how I wanted to present on YouTube took a little bit of time and also figuring out how to reach an audience, how to consistently get it and build an audience.
In the last three months, weíve seen some really significant growth. Now this isnít the meteoric growth of a viral video gone crazy with suddenly 600,000 fans and 600,000 followers. This is a channel which is dedicated to productivity. Iím building it as far as teaching people to use their technology more effectively, which follows in line with the reputation I have in Canada of being a coach and teaching people how to use technology and how it fits in their lives. So Iíve got a fairly narrow focus and not high entertainment level, high knowledge and high educational value in my videos.
So over that, over the course of the first nine months, we grew by 300 to 400 subscribers a month from 800 to around 3,000 to 4,000. Then about three or four months ago, I hit on a few different ways of helping to grow the channel more effectively. I hit on a much better system or much better voice as far as delivering my videos and Iíll talk about that in subsequent videos. But now weíre seen some significant growth, again not organic growth but this is planned growth. This is strategic where Iíve actually managed to grow my channel from about 5,000 or 6,000, or 4,000 I should say, to just under 12,000 as of today.
But there are so many different little questions that we have and so many little different things that we try along the way to try and grow our YouTube channel. I thought this would be the start of my documenting it for you and allow you to kind of follow along with some of the mistakes I make and some of the successes I make as you build your own YouTube offering, lessons learned from this.
So as of today, we now have just about under 12,000 subscribers. Weíre growing by a couple of thousand a month and we have about 75,000 views a month, not huge by YouTube standards but now itís significant. When I post a video, I have immediate traction. I know right away whether itís a good one or a bad one based on the numbers and Iím getting a lot of feedback. And Iím starting to see accelerated growth in all areas. Now Iím going to see what I can do to help increase that growth and make sure that not only am I reaching more people but also discover how to reach the right people as I grow my YouTube channel. So weíll be going through all the different tools and all the different things that I do here online in subsequent videos.
So welcome aboard. I hope you find this particular series to be valuable, to be interesting, and to make a difference as you build your online presence.

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