Use Google Keep Like a Pro with These Add-ons

Have you ever found yourself looking at one of your go-to apps and thinking:
I wish I could get more out of this. 
Imagine what it would be like if, when you open up that app, you knew that you're using it to its fullest potential. 
Like most apps, Google Keep has more to it than meets the eye.
While it appears to be a simple note taking app that's not quite as fancy as Evernote, don't let its plain looks deceive you.
Google's note taker has some rather powerful functions– they're just a bit hard to find.
So let's take a look a closer look at how you can reveal Google Keep's superpowers.

Searchable images (with one click!)

One of the things I love about Evernote, and something that keeps coming up again and again, is this:
The search function is so powerful, it transforms text from pictures and makes it searchable.
Not one to be outperformed, Google have their own version of this feature.
To pull the text from an image saved to Google Keep, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of your note.
In the menu, select “Grab image text.” Google will then turn the image text into searchable text and add it to your note.
The process isn't always 100% perfect– in the image above, Google missed a couple of letters because the fonts are both unusual and overlapping.
However, it was a pretty good effort.

So next time you're reading a fascinating article while waiting at the dentist's and the hygienist finally calls your name, just take a picture of the page. Then, with one click, you can turn the image into readable text and finish it at your leisure.

Meet search categories

When you click on the search bar, you can search Google Keep by note type.

This is really handy if you've used a particular tag a lot of times as it helps you narrow down the results.

And it doesn't stop there. You can also search Google Keep by labels and by things.

The search by things function is particularly interesting. It uses natural language search to figure out each note's context so you can search by categories like Books, Movies, or Recipes.

Exploring the Google Keep Chrome Extensions

Wouldn't it be great if you could add some extra-special functionalities to Google Keep so it fits your unique note-taking style?

You can, with a few select Chrome Extensions.

1. Google Keep Web

Google Keep Web launches Google Keep into a separate browser tab. This is super handy for accessing your notes fast.

If you don't want to use an extension to do this, you can just add Google Keep as a bookmark in your browser and gain fast access that way.

2. Google Keep Chrome Extension

The Google Keep Chrome Extension is a quick and simple way to save notes while browsing. With it, you can clip notes as you browse the web and save them to Google Keep.

Just click on the chrome extension and make a quick note without ever leaving your browser.

3. Category Tabs

The category tab extension adds all the category tags to the top of your Google Keep.

This is handy if you want to quickly access all your notes from a single category.

4. Input Tab

With the input tab extension, you can format to your notes by using the tab key.

While this isn't something I've used, if formatting is important to you it's worth trying it out.

5. Fullscreen notes

With the fullscreen notes extension, you can make your Keep note pop out to cover the full-screen space.

This is useful if you're working on a small-screened notebook or laptop.

6. The Google Keep Pin Tab

This extension lets you pin Google Keep to the top of your tab so you can use it while doing other things.
While I personally feel it's a bit cluttered, if you like having Keep open while you work, this can be an excellent add-on.

Make the most out of Google Keep

With these tips and extensions, you can make this handy note-taking app from Google even more powerful.

Do you have any Google Keep tips you'd like to share? Any special ways of using the tool? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Have fun storming the castle!

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