January 28th   9AM PDT 12PM EDT 5PM BST

Appointment Scheduling for the Win

This week on Foundational Friday we look at the benefits of Appointment Scheduling Tools

You will learn:

🔥 What Schedulers can do for you

🔥 Integrating them into your system

🔥 What to look for in Scheduling tools

🔥 Common mistakes

Stop appointment scheduling boomeranging

How much time do you spend every day, or every week scheduling appointments, calls and meetings? I suspect it is more than you would like. And it is only getting worse!

AS more of our time moves online we are booking more meetings and calls than ever, so managing your calendar is increasingly becoming a difficult and even massive task.

There is relief! Automation!

Booking and appointment apps that can either save you a  bundle of time and money, if properly chosen and implemented or become a nightmare if you make the wrong choice, or implement poorly


28th January at 9AM PDT | 12PM EDT | 5PM BST

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