Facebook Ads Practices That Bug Me – a bit of a rant

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Frustrating Facebook Ads

Our Facebook News Feeds have become a pipeline of information, we still have the posts, articles, photos, and videos that we have always had but we also have live streams, check-ins, and polls. Most of this content is very passive in nature, but over time Facebook has become an increasingly aggressive and active marketing platform.

Now, most of the ads which are marketed on Facebook do not bother me. If I happen to be on the look-out for a new microphone and an Amazon listing pops up with one on sale, then this is rather effective marketing; it is a product which I am interested in at a price I may not have been aware of. This is honest advertising.

However, it is the dishonest ads on Facebook that really bother me.

Increasingly, products and services are being marketed on Facebook using “false scarcity” ,a marketing which tries to influence your decision making by lying about something, in this case,  how much of a product is available, or for how long that product will be available for, which creates a sense of urgency. 

This strategy does not engender trust or respect between marketers and customers. If we cannot trust how many products are available or for how long they will be available then it begs the question of what else might they be lying to us about?

Is the price really the sale price? Is the product really high quality? Is there really a warranty? Will they even honour the warranty?

These types of ads on Facebook that imply a false scarcity make it difficult to trust what is being marketed to us on Facebook, and if we can’t trust what is being marketed then we are less likely to purchase that product and it is a lose-lose situation.

I encourage everyone to ask tough questions when they see products marketed at them on Facebook and to be sceptical of some of those marketing strategies. If these companies are going to market their products irresponsibly then we have to be responsible customers in response.

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle…

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