Evernote vs Dropbox, Notifications, and Blab Disappoints – ADT#29

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Our faithful followers have submitted some great questions this week on Ask Dotto Tech. Our first question comes from Larry Schwenneker asks about the similarities and or differences of Evernote and Dropbox. This is a regularly occurring issue for us. Hopefully, we can shed some light on the situation.


Differences Between Evernote & Dropbox

Let’s first look at what would make them similar services. Essentially they are both a method of collecting data. From there, however, there are some distinct differences between the two. Look at Evernote as a clipboard. You can parse out pieces of data within a document and store them in Evernote. Think of using Evernote as though you are taking notes while reading a book or document. It’s like having a digital notepad as you find pieces of information you want to remember you can segment that part out and save it for later.

Once you piece all of your snippets into one common file, that’s where Dropbox would come into play. Dropbox allows you to store and share files. It can be used as a backup system for your important documents. It also provides a great way for you to share documents with other users. If you have remote assets to your team, then it’s a simple, easy to use the method to grant them access to specific folders and file groups. If you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, then you can use Evernote to curate the content for your individual slides. Once you piece it all together, you can store the entire presentation within Dropbox.

Turning Off Notifications

Question 2 comes from Stanford Griffith who presents a solid tip about our past episode of Dealing with Distractions. adt 29 4We spoke about how to manage your notification settings on all your devices. From our tutorial, we walked folks through how to go into their settings on their device and edit the notification settings. Stanford presents a pretty easy and quick way to turn off your notifications for a brief period on your Mac.

adt 29 5If you hold down on the Option key as you, click on the Notification Center, and it will toggle your notifications on and off. That simple! Wow, thanks, Stanford that is an excellent tip for easily turning off those notifications. That way if you jump on a Skype call or Webinar you won’t have to navigate through your settings to adjust your notifications. Thanks, Stanford.

What The Blab Happened To Blab?

adt29 6Our last question comes from Plan.Read.Geek. With Claire whomentions her hesitation about starting to use Blab. Well, we’re not going to get too far into our personal opinions on this matter. But the short answer is that we told Claire not to waste her time since the platform is not going to be supported any longer by the company.

The fact is that the creators of Blab never had a legitimate monetization strategy for the platform. They never really could determine how they would generate revenue from the app. Therefore it is not worth the effort to devote your time and resources to producing content on that platform. adt29 7A lot of us early adopters began to create content on the channel, and it ended up being a waste of valuable time in doing so. Oh well, these things happen in the fast paced world of technology. It had great potential but never quite got to the point of being solidified as a platform that’s here to stay.

We always enjoy fielding the questions presented by our loyal followers. Hopefully, these answers help and please continue to submit your questions to us at Dotto Tech.

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle!

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