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Evernote Vs. OneNote Followup

Our most recent video discussing the differences between Evernote and OneNote caused quite a stir. The comments and feedback are much appreciated here at Dotto Tech. By popular demand, we are going to discuss a few ideas and suggestions posted by you the followers of the channel in this installment of Ask DottoTech.

OneNote’s OCR Excellence

Question 1 comes from Don White, who wanted to clarify that OneNote does do an excellent job at OCR for handwritten notes and graphics, making them searchable.

Both Evernote and OneNote offer OCR on notes. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to parse text from an image and save that content to be searchable later. Regardless of what application you choose, know that this type of content curation is available on both platforms.

Don’t Forget Camera Add-Ons

Several viewers who pointed out camera functionality and how it integrates with the apps.

Evernote offers a rather robust camera within the mobile application. We like that it is housed directly within the app itself.

For those that use OneNote, Microsoft’s Office Lens is the answer. This app allows you to snap photos, scan documents, whiteboards and more, then instantly integrate into your OneNote application.

Keep in mind we were discussing the features within the mobile app itself. We did not cover external apps that could serve as an accompaniment to either OneNote of Evernote.

OneNote Searchable & Speech-To-Text

Our third comment is from Kendawg McAwesome. Great name by the way. He asks why we didn’t mention OneNote’s ability to parse audio and video with Speech-to-text and make that text searchable.

This is a fantastic feature that is capable with OneNote. However, it isn’t natively built into the application. It is a feature that is available in only Windows 8 or Windows 10 that has to be integrated into the operating system. If you are looking for that function then, by all means, it seems like a great feature. Keep in mind there will be a few more steps to integrate that feature into your Windows OS. Here is a link to Microsoft’s extension.

To Share It All Or One Note At A Time? – That Is The Question

Scott Rixon writes about the sharing functionality within the platforms. He states that within OneNote you can only share at a notebook level. While Evernote you can share items as individual as a single note.

This is true. Evernote allows to you quickly share at a note or notebook level. OneNote just allows you to share an entire notebook. This could be troubling if you have different segments of content that may need to be parceled out a little more particularly. As far as flexibility of the app it still looks as though Evernote would win that head to head.

What About Penultimate?

Our next comment is from Jaroslaw Kaczmarski mentions Evernote’s drawing feature Penultimate.

We did discuss OneNote’s very drawing feature. It is important to say that Evernote does offer a drawing feature as well. Now it still doesn’t provide the same level of flexibility as OneNote, but it can be a handy tool within the application as well.

OneNote is Onetastic!

Our last comment comes from Dale Holden, who uses OneNote extensively.

He mentions several add-ons for the app through Onetastic, which offers a host of different macro’s that you can integrate within the Microsoft environment. If your system is built on Microsoft then this a great site to check out. It will allow you add many different features into OneNote.

It is always exciting to see the amount of feedback and responses we receive from our community. We are so glad to engage in this conversation, learn from you, hear what you want to know more about and provide you all with some great insight.

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle!

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