25th May  at 1PM PDT  4PM EDT  9PM BST

Making a Do-Not-Do List

I think we all understand the value of To-Do-Lists.


Even more valuable is a not-do list.

We all have plenty of things we do on a regular basis that is simply not productive. 

We do low-value tasks and activities at the expense of high-value ones. 

This week on Webinar Wednesday let's consider visiting our routines and finding the activities that create addition by subtraction!

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27th May  at 9AM PDT 12PM EDT 5PM BST

Give Away Your Best Content, and be OK with it.

It seems counter-intuitive.

You are building an online business.

You are trying to grow your email list.

Doing things right.

And along comes Steve who says.

“To build your list and grow your business you need to give away your best stuff!”

And you respond……WTF!

“I can charge for that, and make money from it which is, after all the goal of my business!”


The truth is you have a point, but there is a method to the madness. Join us this week on Foundational Friday and discover one of the most powerful truths in online marketing.



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