1st February
 1PM Pacific  4PM Eastern  9PM GMT

Simple Steps to Streamlining

Everyone has built systems over time to accomplish our repeating tasks. Even if you have not thought about it, you have them. Some you built with purpose and vision from scratch, and others have evolved over time. 

Every system we create starts to show cracks over time. Small changes in process or additional steps turn even the most efficient systems into cumbersome slogs over time.

A universal challenge we face is how to fix existing systems, and how to streamline the processes that have become bloated and inefficient over time.

This week on Webinar Wednesday we shed some light on how to identify what needs to change and help you take the steps to make it more efficient.

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February 3rd
9AM Pacific  12PM Eastern  5PM GMT

Steve's Video Workflow

Over the years I have developed a very effective system for creating and publishing video. 

This week on Foundational Friday I share my process.

  • Research
  • Scope
  • Scripting
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Post Production

All my shortcuts, ninja tips and insight into a streamlined approach to video




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