5th October at 1PM PDT  4PM EDT  9PM BST

Health Apps

Helpful or Hype?

We are bombarded with ads for health and wellness apps, diet, exercise, mental health, sleep. The list is endless.

Surely some of these must be valuable, but many are spamy and scamy.

This week on Webinar Wednesday we take a look at health and wellness apps, and try and find ones that really are helpful.

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7th October  at 9AM PDT 12PM EDT 5PM BST

Setting up a Successful Paid Traffic Campaign from A-Z

Step by step, the journey from idea thru execution of a successful Paid Traffic Campaign. 

I will give you behind the scenes access to the entire process we undertook to convert a cold audience into subscribers to our mail list and upcoming Bootcamp.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Goal setting and expectations for a campaign
  • Designing a lead magnet specifically for a single outcome
  • Creating the deliverable
  • Crafting the Call to Action
  • Determining audience and ad platform
  • Generating the add copy, graphics and video.
  • Tracking results
  • Tweaking the Campaign
  • The results, $ spent vs Leads Captured!




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