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Retirement is NOT for Me!

Call it what you will, Retirement, Transition Years, 3rd Age, ReWirement, I don’t care, but I don’t like it! I think many of us today look upon the concept of retirement with distaste, we may need to continue bringing in income, or we may want to remain active, and relevant. Regardless of our motive, retirement in 2018 looks a lot different for us than it did for our parents.

Back to School!

It is back to school time here in Canada, which always marks for me the “beginning of the year” far more so than the calendar year. But it also brings back memories that aren’t always sweet.

Time for a chat

As we pass the 200,000 subscriber mark on our YouTube channel, I want to press pause and re-visit exactly what this Vlog has become, and how it is serving our community.

Looking for Love in Online Places

Online Dating used to be a curiosity, now it is a mainstream thing. Shannon and I met through an online service, so I for one am a grateful fan! But what about you? Are you using online dating, is it something you would consider? 

Hitting the Road with Shan

Shan and I were headed to Vancouver Island to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and to be perfectly honest, I did not have a great idea for a Vlog. So I thought you all might like to spend a little time with Shan, I know I like spending time with her.


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