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Grey Matters 13 – Social Video

There is no doubt in my mind that Social Video will increase in value over time. It is already the most valuable and influential digital asset we can create.  BUT all video is NOT created equal. Not by a long shot, and I am not talking about quality, I am talking about application.  This week on Grey […]

Grey Matters 12 – Affiliate Marketing

I have developed a real fondness for Affiliate Marketing. I am increasingly realizing the value of investing in Affiliate relationships which are leading to increasing monthly passive income.  In this episode, I will share with you the mechanics of Affiliate Marketing, how all the pieces fit together.  We will also outline the 3 main styles […]

Grey Matters 10 – No Passion, No Path

This week’s podcast was inspired by a coaching webinar I held last week. It was called “Discover Online Business” and it was focused on those just starting out in online business, reinventing themselves or looking to grow their online business. The questions I was asked spoke to some universal challenges I believe we all face when we […]

Grey Matters 9 – My Story

You can teach an old dog new tricks, and the dog probably loves it! At least this old dog! Building an Online Business has been a rewarding experience, financially and personally, however, there have been detours along the road.  This week I share with you some of the key milestones I passed as I built […]

Grey Matters Episode 5

Grey Matters 5 with Phyllis Khare I love Phyllis Kahre’s attitude, how she takes on every challenge head on and dives in, no excuses! You can find her at Do you Grok This? For those of you confused by our “blast from the past” riffing on Phyllis using the term, Grock. It is a […]

Grey Matters Episode 4

Building a Platform Love this article from Yahoo If you like this podcast do me a favour and write a review. We are in our early stages, and iTunes reviews are so valuable to us! Michael Hyatt wrote a great book on Platform, way back in 2012. The most common building blocks of a […]


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