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Let’s dive into this week’s questions!

Apps that hijack your browser

Sometimes, weird things happen to your browser for no apparent reason and this is exactly what Michelle has been dealing with. I have always used Safari as my browser and have not changed it. However, now when I search it is using Yahoo instead of Safari to search. Why? Is the cause innocent (and irritating) or is it a sign that something nefarious is going on? It’s time to diagnose the problem.

Step One

If this is something you are dealing with, open up your browser, go to Settings and head over to Search. 
How to adjust your browser settings
Here, you’ll be able to see your preferred Search engine, adjust your settings and switch it back to your favorite search engine.

Step Two

Go over to General and check your startup page settings.
Make sure that your default start page isn’t set to something weird. Set your page to something neutral like your calendar, your business page or your favorite productivity app then restart your browser. If your browser’s accepted the new settings then you are good to go! But, if your browser is still searching using the wrong engine then you may have a deeper problem.

Step 3

If the problem persists, go to Extensions and switch them all off.
Checking browser extensions
Then, go back and repeat steps one and two. If, when you restart the browser, everything is as it should be then one of your extensions is causing the problem! This next part is a little time-consuming. Go through your extensions one by one, repeating steps one and two until you find the offending party. If you are still having issues you’ll need to dig even deeper.  You are going to go on a Malware hunt. This is going to be a slightly more frustrating process but you'll be able to solve it with some virtual elbow grease. Check the links below for extra help.

Sharing your LastPass information

Strong passwords are a must and LastPass helps you protect your data without remembering a bunch of complex, secure passwords. This week, Steve wanted to take its functionality one step further. If I install LastPass on my MacBook, does it sync with my iPhone or do I install it on that as well? And, can my wife and I share this somehow, say for our Amazon account. When you install LastPass, you install it in your browser. The data is partially stored on your local computer, and partially on the cloud. If you want to access your LastPass passwords on your smartphone, download the app and then log into your LastPass account. To share passwords, you need to adjust your password settings. Go to My Vault.
Using LastPass password protector
Inside the vault, you’ll see all your saved passwords! To share one, hover over the password and select Share. To give someone access to your password, type in their email and you are good to go! They’ll be able to access your account using their LastPass account. Sharing your passwords is finally both easy and secure.

Wistia, Vimeo, and Youtube

When it comes to hosting videos online, you’ve got a lot of options! But, which one is the best for you?
I have a small question for you… I have been using YouTube. However, I have also investigated two other services- Vimeo and Wistia. What are your opinions of each and does the use of different mediums change the strategy or should we use them for different strategies. I do understand that as YouTube is owned by Google, they would in all likelihood get better results in Google search and Google analytics.  As an experienced creator, I would appreciate your views on it.  Let’s start with YouTube.  YouTube is a search engine. People go to YouTube to search for content so if you are creating videos for public consumption then YouTube is one of the best places to put them. Vimeo does try to create communities and encourage sharing but its reach isn’t as broad. However, Vimeo does a great job of gating content. Wistia gives you even more control. If you create courses and want tight, total control over your videos then Wistia is a terrific choice. All three platforms give you great video tools.
  • For easy sharing and accessibility, chose YouTube.
  • For sharing and a good level of gating, try Vimeo.
  • For full control over who sees your video, use Wistia.

Until next time, have fun storming the castle!

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