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Amazon Prime is More Than Just Free Shipping!

Amazon Prime seems to be about as ubiquitous these days as a Netflix subscription or having a Spotify account, but is it worth it?

What are the benefits of being part of Amazon's club?

Well, if you want a free 30-day trial to see for yourself consider signing up here (Affiliate Link);

Free 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial

I am an Amazon affiliate and if you are interested in signing up for Prime please use that link and it will help support my channel and our content.

If you want to know more about the membership before you try it out, check out all these benefits!

Free and Fast Shipping on Reputable Items

Most notably being an Amazon Prime member means you have access to both free shipping on purchases on Amazon but also particularly fast shipping on those same items. Most of the time within 24 hours or so. This is rather common knowledge at this point but I think one thing doesn't get mentioned enough; if an item is eligible for Prime benefits, it's probably a reputable and reliable or at the very least very popular item.

It can be tough at times to differentiate what the good products are from the bad on Amazon when you might have literally thousands of options thrown at you on screen, and Prime eligibility is one good way to filter out what items you may want to take a second look at. 

Not any old product can be part of the Prime program, the product and the company needs to have a pretty good track record with Amazon to be eligible. For example, all Prime-eligible retailers need to successfully complete a trial period with Amazon, which is a sort of stress-test, they need to store the items in their own warehouse and not at a third-party location, and they must commit to packaging and shipping items the same day they are ordered. 

In short, there's a certain peace of mind when ordering a Prime-eligible item.

Amazon Prime Video

Included in your Prime Membership is free use of Amazon's video streaming service, Prime Video. Similar to Netflix Amazon licenses movies and TV shows to host on their platform but Amazon has also become a production studio now and has some Amazon Original programming such as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series, The Man in the High Castle, and the show which has been sweeping the Emmy's; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (I highly recommend all three!).

Amazon is committed to this platform now and into the future so it will never be a bad investment on your end.

Amazon Music

Just like Apple and Google, Amazon has a music streaming service that's included with your Prime membership and it is a particularly good platform to primarily useful if you have an Alexa device in your home as there are designed integration and compatibility between the two.

Amazon Reading

Less popular but, to me, just as valuable as Amazon Music and Prime Video is Amazon's e-book portal Amazon Reading.

Amazon Reading provides Prime members with a quite generous library of popular books, for free, to be used on Amazon's Kindle mobile app. Many of the books in a series will give you the first book in that series for free while the subsequent books will cost you, but this is still a great service for getting started with popular series to see if it's something you even want to spend your money on or not.

Knowing what you don't want to read is just as valuable as knowing what you do want to read!

Amazon Photos

Get ready for this.

As part of your Prime Membership, you have access to Amazon's photo storage cloud, Amazon Photos, and unlike Google Photos, you have unlimited full-resolution photo storage with Amazon.

No need to compress your photos and compromise their quality.

Twitch Prime

For those of you who enjoy watching streams on the popular gaming and variety streaming site, Twitch, you are given a free subscription to your favourite content creator every month on Twitch through your Prime membership. If you watch someone and you want to support them, you can subscribe, every month, for free to their channel and monetarily support them without paying yourself; Amazon pays them instead! 

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your Prime membership is only for free and fast shipping but the truth is Prime really is a club membership and Amazon is much more than just an online retailer now. Your membership to the Amazon club brings with it all sorts of benefits you likely never knew about, and will likely include many more in the future, now's as good a time as any to get in!

Until next time,

Have fun storming the castle!

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