Email Marketing Software for Beginners – ADT #24

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Email management software is a must have if you are in the online business world, even if you are a brick and mortar, you definitely can benefit from an email list. Our viewer Pedro is discovering the importance of the email list and has a great question!

Email Marketing Software for Beginners – ADT #24

Thank you, Pedro, for your question! The answer to this question depends on your goal. For the purpose of this video, we will assume you are looking to build communication with your customers or clients. With that, using Gmail does not operate on a level that will sustain a properly done email campaign. Gmail is great for communicating with colleagues, or even making small lists with friends or family to communicate with a small group but to mass communicate with your audience you will want to look at an email marketing software.

The purpose of email marketing software is to manage a list of your audience that has opted-in or signed up to be on your mailing list; they want to hear from you. This assures you are not spamming random people but in fact, have viewers that have raised their hand and opened their email inbox to receive your messages. Also, with an email marketing software you can enable a double opt-in feature. An outstanding and professional way to build your email list.

Email Marketing Software for Beginners – ADT #24

There is no shortage of email marketing software to choose from. A few great entry level companies to take a look at would be MailchimpAweber, or Constant ContactMailchimp offers a free option, but to access features for automating your communication such as autoresponders, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. Aweber and Constant Contact offer free trials to get you started.

A few key terms you will want to familiarize yourself with:

Campaign: Series of emails that we send to our email list over a specified period.

Lists: Where people optin and signup for your campaigns. You can manage your lists, add or remove subscribers. You can segment lists to different interests as well. So you can send out a weekly newsletter or flash sale to a particular segment of your list or the entire list if you choose.

Sign Up Forms: Forms that you can embed in your website that creates a form on your website to allow website visitors to sign up for your email list. There are many variations of sign up forms such as popup, embedded, or inline with the text to best fit your site.

To get started free, Mailchimp is a dependable source to get your feet wet. Building an email list is the most valuable tool for your online business, even an offline business. This is essentially your customer base, opening the opportunity to communicate to your customers on a regular basis and stay top of mind. A great question from our friend Pedro and a topic not to be taken lightly.

Until next time, have fun stormin’ the castle!

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