Hitting 100,000 Subscribers! WooHoo!

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It has happened, we have officially passed the 100,000 subscriber mark on the Dotto Tech YouTube channel. We are extremely grateful and want to say thank you to each and every single subscriber! The fun part? It is just beginning and we are constantly learning. Over the next few months please be on the lookout as we share more of the lessons learned in the journey of the channel.

So, what has contributed most to the growth of the channel? As much as the subscriber count looks sexy above that 100k mark, it truly is a vanity point more than a success point. Things that really matter are factors such as, people are watching the videos, interacting, subscribing to the email list, and YouTube SEO so your videos can be found.

YouTube SEO & Analytics

YouTube SEO or Search Engine Optimization is huge in the success of a YouTube channel, in fact probably one of the most important aspects of a channel’s growth. It is a bit of work to upkeep but if you are looking to grow a YouTube channel, it is work you will want to make sure to do.

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources tell us where the viewers are coming from. How they are finding the videos from Dotto Tech. 76% of the total minutes watched on Dotto Tech are coming from Suggested videos (55%) and YouTube search (21%)! Suggested videos are the videos you see in the right sidebar when you are on YouTube. So more than 3/4th’s of all minutes watched are coming directly from YouTube! Meaning these people are finding us based on SEO results!

Hitting 100,000 Subscribers! WooHoo!

Take away? Make sure you are findable and YouTube wants to share your content, as you can see it is a huge part of overall time watched for our channel here at Dotto Tech.

How to get YouTube to show your videos?

There are two parts that go into this equation; Watch Time – the time that people actually spend watching your video, and Engagement.

Together these tell YouTube that your content is valuable, viable and worth recommending to people, it is content that others have consumed which makes it worth presenting to additional viewers. YouTube’s ultimate goal is to keep viewers on the site as long as possible, showing videos that keep viewers engaged does just that.

You can see that YouTube SEO is something you want to pay keen attention to. TubeBuddy is a great tool to streamline the SEO process that can at times seem mundane.

Hitting 100,000 Subscribers! WooHoo!

One of the great tools TubeBuddy provides is Search Rankings. Search Rankings provides a ranking on all of the tags that have been used with a video. In an easy to read list, you are able to see tags that are ranking well and others you may want to remove or replace with tags for better search rankings.

Stay tuned for additional episodes in which we will showcase additional features of TubeBuddy to help you achieve the best of YouTube SEO and growing your channel.

Until next time … have fun stormin’ the castle!

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