My 5 Favorite Evernote Features

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in valuable information?

You’ve got access to countless helpful articles, books and videos…

And yet instead of helping you, it’s weighing you down.

You’ve saved so many different clippings, articles and links that you can’t remember where they are and how to find them.

To top it off, the constant stimulation makes it hard to stay on task.

So how do you stay on top of what you know? How do you keep track of the interesting, important things and find them again?

This question bothered me for a long time. I needed a tool that could help me remember… A place where I could store information and then actually find it again.

That’s how Evernote entered my life.

Your digital brain

Evernote is my eidetic memory. My superpower.

Every time I come across something really interesting, I invoke my Evernote powers.

In a couple of seconds that stray thought or article is saved to my digital brain where I can access it whenever I need to.

When you build a trusted system for productivity, you get far more than meets the eye.

You get a partner. Something that helps you make the most of your time and preserve your sanity.

Evernote has a lot to offer and today, I’d love to tell you about my five favorite features. Each one of these has made my life a heck of a lot easier and it can do the same for you.

1. The Evernote Web Clipper

The Web Clipper is a research super weapon and a tool I wield every single day.

So what does this magic bit of software do? The clipper installs straight into your favorite browser. You can use it to grab and save anything you find online. You can chose the format you save it in, organize it in your notebooks, add tags and even add notes.

When I first saw the Evernote Web Clipper is was as though the heavens opened and a geeky choir of cherubs sang to me.

This was a huge game changer. No more bookmarks. No more scrambling to make notes or sending emails to myself. No more saving this and that to the desktop.

With just one easy to use browser extension, I could capture everything I needed and actually find it again.


2. Anchor Notes and Starter Notes

Every book has a content chapter. Every library uses a filing system. Anchor and starter notes help you add that same kind of order to Evernote.

You can use them to group important information together. My very first starter note was born from practicality.

After the umpteeth time of going to the store and having no idea what type of light bulb to get, I created a list of every replaceable, and potentially breakable, item in my house. I went around taking pictures of the water filter, the furnace filter and all the light bulbs, batteries, vacuum filters and so on. Then I made a note of the models and measurements.

This saves an immense amount of time and stress when I need to pick up a new furnace filter or replace a bolt. Instead of digging through old manuals or desperately trying to remember makes and models, I can whip out my phone and check my starter note. This small step reduced a lot of stress.

You can use starter notes for different things. You can make a note of all the tools you use for your business, along with the necessary details or build a comprehensive FAQs section.

Starter notes are a great way to save and access valuable information you need in your day to day life.

3. The Camera Magic

Evernote would not be the tool it is without the smartphone. That tiny, powerful device you take everywhere with you is the reason you can access information anytime, anywhere.

When you capture information in Evernote it automatically syncs to the cloud and becomes available across all your devices. You gain instant access to your personal library of notes, ideas and documents wherever you are.

But your phone isn’t just a window into your Evernote account. It’s a fully capable content creation machine. And the star of the show? Your camera.

The intelligence built into the Evernote camera lets you capture whiteboards, paper napkins, images, business cards, invoices, receipts and more.

Not only that, it transforms images into searchable text. So if you snap a picture of that hand written note you made on the back of a receipt, Evernote will turn it into searchable text. And, it does the same for the details on a business card or that fantastic idea you saw on a whiteboard.

4. Evernote Integrations

Evernote is a powerhouse. It’s easy to become enamoured with how flexible it is and try to use it for everything.

Don’t let the honeymoon phase get to you. Just because Evernote can be a task manager, a to do list and a calendar doesn’t mean it should be.

Evernote is at its best when you use it alongside other apps.

It integrates with a huge assortment of productivity tools.

Just like a proper diet needs veggies, carbs and protein, a proper productivity system needs tools that work well together.

To be truly productive, you need to connect Evernote to your other productivity tools.

5. Content Publishing

Evernote doesn’t just help you make notes. You can take these notes and publish them or share them with others with just a couple of clicks.

You can turn notes into annotated PDFs or publish a sleek looking note to the internet and share it.

You can even use Evernote as your personal Learning Management System (LMS) and use it to publish online courses. Our Evernote Made Easy course is published and delivered through Evernote.

Making Evernote a part of your life

Discovering Evernote changed my life in an extremely practical way.

It saved me time.

Time I could spend doing the things that mattered.

I needed a partner I could trust. Something that could hold all the exciting ideas and articles until I was ready to use them. Something with a powerful search functionality.

Evernote gave me an efficient way to store and access information. And it can do the same for you.

Because when you build a trusted system for productivity, you get far more than meets the eye.

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