Dotto Tech has been fortunate to grow a following on YouTube to over 100k subscribers. Of course, YouTube being a free information resource is ideal for providing the public with accessible, relevant content to the world. Charging for access to our content was something new for us, at least when it came to our webinars. The response was surprisingly positive. So let’s look at what we did to produce the webinar and the tools we relied on to make it a profitable experience.

There are 4 Key Tips for Creating a Successful Paid Webinar

Webinar Platform

The platform we used was WebinarJam. We don’t necessarily recommend it we paid for it and have used it for a while and are well versed in integrating it. We would suggest doing some research and finding a stable platform to use that best fits your needs. With that said it did the job, and we will continue to use it.

Registration Page – Bring them home

Depending on the platform you choose to launch your webinar there are likely resources available within the platform that will allow you to set up a registration page. I chose to host the registration page on our own site, setting up better tracking and analytics. We want to know who is coming to our site and be able to re-market to them later on through targeted Facebook ads. This isn’t necessarily how you have to structure your registration; we just felt it gives us further opportunities down the line.

Integrate with your CRM

If you have a CRM, you need to integrate your offer with your Email management system to initiate the follow-up sequence for your registrants. The benefits allow further, more advanced follow-up, tracking measures and so on. We use Infusionsoft, but there are plenty of options out there if you research you will find one that works for you.


This was the new step for us here, charging for the webinar. You need to have some payment checkout system. You can use Paypal or whatever you choose. We set up a checkout page in the e-commerce store within Infusionsoft.
The proof is in the pudding with the analytics from Dotto Tech’s first paid webinar. The webinar lasted a little over an hour. Most viewers consumed the entire webinar with a few dropping off near the Q&A. I’m sure the longer retention is because they paid for the webinar but still that’s great to know from a content creation perspective. 83% of our viewers saw the full live webinar. If you’ve ever hosted a webinar that statistic is astonishing. Of course, the show-up rate was nearly 100% as well, so the fact that people are financially committing to the webinar helps attendance and engagement. So if you’re considering producing a paid webinar, we recommend taking the four points into consideration amongst your preparations. Until next time,

Have fun storming the castle!